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8:20pmJust got back from the emergency room….Georgia broke her arm. She’s ok, but no swimming for the rest of the summer will just break her heart!

George was STANDING ON an office chair (swivel seat and wheels) watching her hamsters play when the chair flew out from under her. Crashing down to the floor she went. It’s a “buckle-break” meaning her radius didn’t break, fracture or even like a green-stick fracture, the bone simply jammed against itself and smooshed like a tootsie roll if you squeezed both ends between your fingers. She belted out a scream I had never heard before….nor, will I likely forget.

They prescribed Tylenol with codine for the pain and in 3 days she gets her cast. (she wants pink, of course!).

I just put itty-bitty to bed…she’s so pitiful…I really feel terrible.

Please say a little prayer for Georgia’s speedy recovery, we’d really appreciate it.

Thanks, d

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