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My little Sugar Plum is feeling much better now. Big sis Jenny has added the “designer touch” with sequins, beads n’sparkly glue to her new neon-pink cast! (see attached pic)

Luckily, Georgia only needs to wear it for 3 weeks. (Her reply was “yeah… 21-days, and I’m counting every second!”)

Another Georgia story:
A few days ago we were at the pet store looking at hamster stuff….Georgia wandered over to see the fish. No big deal, or so I thought. Seconds later a familiar shriek echoed thru the aisle after Georgia stuck her finger in the fish tank and the fish BIT HER! It was a big Oscar.

Now I don’t know much about fish, but I do know better than to stick my finger in any critters domain!! Without a doubt Georgia does too, now….as she mumbles “big stupid fish” to herself in the most hateful way! LOL! Just ask her about the fish at Pet Smart, she gets SO mad!

Until the next crisis…thanks for your prayers!

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