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Mobile Website – Go Where Your Customers Are

As always, time changes everything.  People have become more dependent on their mobile phones, and so of course, they are accessing websites on the go too.  Bad thing is, how does YOUR website look in a mobile browser? Most desktop websites look pretty bad.

A website that isn’t accessible to mobile users is the same as closing and locking the door to your business with a crowd outside holding fist-fulls of money.  Would you really do such a thing? Of course not!

Give your prospects what they want – mobile access!

Mobile access means creating a scaled down version of your website with specific details your customers want.

  • Lure new customers with a mobile coupon!
  • Do you operate a wine bar or restaurant? Mobile users want to know your hours, location with driving directions via Google maps, menu and if you take reservations.
  • Are you a solo-professional? Clients want to book an appointment, Google your location, or Paypal you a payment.
  • Sometimes, people need to do something productive while they have an unavoidable wait. Reading your latest blog post instead of playing Angry Birds is a good idea. 🙂

How do Mobile websites work?

  • By synching your mobile site, with your desktop via RSS, you DON’T have to rewrite, or repost your content.
  • Since you’re using a significantly smaller screen, just a few images are preferred.  No heavy design required.
  • You can have Google Checkout, or Paypal for product purchases.
  • Mobile forms enable you to accept reservations, conduct surveys, or give aways.
  • Google Maps enable your customers to get GPS directions to you.
  • And of course, mobile analytics because we need to measure your ROI.

But my most favorite feature is – Click-to-Call.  Just a click connects their mobile to you.  Your customers can place an order on a whim – because you are prepared for mobile traffic and ready to take on the business!

Making it easy to do business is the kindest gesture we can do for our customers, and our wallet!

Because mobile marketing is so wide open with possibilities, I’m including 2 BONUSES!

  1. Your very own Smart Phone Icon – when a visitor comes to your mobile site, they will be prompted to download a “shortcut” back to your mobile website.  Some people call this an “app”.  Usually, your logo will do.  Kind of like your email icon on your computer.  You click it, and it opens your email client.  Well, in this case, they’ll have an icon that instantly opens to your mobile website.  Cool, eh? And, you get this for free.
  2. Another BONUS? Yes.  Your very own QR code.  You can use this many different ways: on your business card, or other printable materials to drive traffic to your website.  I’ve written a few articles about mobile marketing and QR codes in case you’re not sure what a QR code is.
So, do yourself and your bank account a favor – schedule an appointment to add mobile to your marketing arsenal today!

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