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With last week’s roller coaster stock market news, presidential race, and recession talk, I have made an out-loud personal commitment to go on a “News media fast.”

If I see Biden’s botox face or another BS campaign commercial – I’m gonna HURL!

Yes, this also means I’m skipping the presidential debate tomorrow night too…

At first I didn’t think I could do it… how could I possibly bail on a fellow republican? But Mac will do just fine without me cheering him on.

I am such a news junkie and I’m really interested in seeing how I feel after no news for a whole week. I must confess to being a little scared…disconnected… but I AM GOING to watch my favorite tv programs.  Dancing with the stars, and Greys anatomy.

Ok, and maybe an episode or two of CSI re-runs with my girls.  LOL!

Tune in next week… dp

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