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Blogging is so simple!

Had I known it would be this easy, I’d have done this eons ago!

Actually my sole purpose for creating this is to reach out to solo-preneurs and let them know there is help out there!!! Marketing your website is tough!

Some of my clients were stunned to realize that there’s so much more to creating a website than sharp professional images and foo-foo color schemes. Ahh…Grasshopper! LOL!

Recently, a friend asked “What’s the deal with those DIY companies that advertise “How to get a website with everything your business needs for under $20 bucks a month?“. “How can they do that?” she said.

First impressions are very deceiving!!! I told her…let me share my past experience with you!

First of all… folks get excited by the low price—don’t do their due diligence and end up with buyers remorse when they get their credit card statement.

And for many reasons.

One, all that company is doing is creating cookie-cutter websites to naive, misguided folks who are impressed by all their “features”. Believe me this is true, years ago—I was one of them!

Let me tell you, the hosting company I use ( offers almost the exact same thing packaged differently and get this…for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE! 1 year hosting, features, domain, bells-whistles, support, blah,blah,blah, etc,etc,etc..

“Their company”: 12mo/$203.76 yr (actual price taken from “Their” Website 4/30/05. Company name withheld)
Ipowerweb: 12mo/$67 yr

Two, folks who work hard and take the time to create one of these quickie websites usually find out in the end they wasted their time because their site isn’t pulling in the results they expected. Why? Cause their copy and over all site content stinks. (lets be honest!) They are so FRUSTRATED because no one ever explained the psychology of a web site to them in the first place!

What? Psychology?—YES, PSYCHOLOGY! Who cares how flashy or pretty it is. When they create “instant” sites, people are so excited to “see their name in lights” they lose all rational thought and don’t even consider the purpose or copy content. (Remember, years ago—I was drooling over my new web page too!)

Three, these same customers who thought they were getting such a great deal either abandon their website (that’s what I did) because “the internet won’t work for my business” (lack of proper marketing) or get smart and seek advice from an expert or coach (I found a coach later, wish I’d have done it sooner!).

Have you done this too? Do you have a site already, but don’t know what else to do with it??

Save yourself NOW! 🙂 Click here to complete a short questionaire and get back to business!

It’ll all be better soon! I promise!

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