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21 Reasons to Subscribe!

  1. You have extraordinary pressures on your time, so all information is provided in a convenient format to save you time and money.
  2. Imagine having one resource where you can learn all the strategies and insider secrets you need to grow your business – it’s all here, and up to date!
  3. Friendly, easy to use, organized and jam-packed with valuable information for entrepreneurs.
  4. I’ve been conducting business on the internet since 1996. I’ve tried it all, and made a TON of mistakes. I know what works and what doesn’t! What you’ll learn is worth much more than the cost of your membership making this a great value service. At $17.97, you have nothing to lose!
  5. 21aTime management strategies to help you use your time productively.
  6. You’ll get the latest information delivered weekly to your email box.
  7. My recommendations for links to tools and software you can use to create a successful online business. THIS IS NOT A PITCH-FEST! I will only recommend services/products that I find are TRULY valuable and worth your time. If I am receiving compensation, I WILL TELL YOU.
  8. Learn how to automate your business.
  9. Enjoy teleseminars with inspirational guests like role model entrepreneurs and experts.
  10. Open Call-in times with Donna. Got a question? Just ask.
  11. Discover the power of self-coaching available 24/7.
  12. Marketing – Proven and effective marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.
  13. Sales – Master your selling skills to grow your business while keeping your customers satisfied at the same time.
  14. QuickStart Web Workbook for beginner entrepreneurs.
  15. Immersion in a entrepreneurial world of wonderful like minded movers and shakers.
  16. Entrepreneur mindset – learn how your thinking affects your ability to succeed and develop a success mindset.
  17. Acceleration – what you can do to get fast results.
  18. Leading edge knowledge updated regularly especially new developments on the internet.
  19. Strategies to recession proof your business.
  20. Donna’s satisfaction guarantee.
  21. A golden opportunity. I’ve always been known as “the resourceful one”. Giving is part of who I am, and connecting and supporting folks comes very natural to me.

I SO want YOU to be successful… however, YOU have to be in ACTION. Don’t sit on your butt – make decisions and clarify your intentions!

Trying to squeeze money out of you, clearly is not my intent – that is why the monthly subscription is only $17.97.

Abundant blessings to you! I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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