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1. Thou shalt use WordPress for your website/blog.

(AKA. “Hybrid Website” ) WordPress is a free and easy platform for beginners and experts alike that has become the industry standard.

2. Post to your blog often.

Answer the little voice when you write.  Each time you begin a post ask yourself, “Who gives a shittake? Why would anyone read this? If you can’t answer your own question forgettaboutit! In other words begin with the end in mind – what do you want your reader to do? Take action? Buy your product? Subscribe? Download a freebie?

3. Use social media – Facebook, Twitter.

Use the “notes” feature in Facebook to import your RSS feed.  Also Tweet your posts.  Remember tho, social media is not a tool to constantly promote yourself – it’s 90% conversation and sharing, 10% promo.

4. Use lots of videos.

You could use the webcam on your computer, or better yet, use a flipcam.  Scoop stuff like tips, how to’s, or interesting info related to your industry.  Tell your story!  Here’s a good one from my client Carlos Batara on Youtube.

5. Be real and personable.

Don’t pretend to be something your not.  If you regularly wear flannel shirts everyday – do it in your video.  People can see a fake a mile away – just remember to be warm and personable.  Or, if you are a charming and crotchety, ole’ beeyatch then sharpen your tongue and have at it.

6. Make sharing easy.

Remember to use the “share this” plugin for wordpress. I like it because it’s one small icon at the bottom of your post and keeps your site uncluttered.

7. Create a kick @ss  freebie that over delivers.

Example: My “QuickStart Website Workbook – Social Media Edition” is now it it’s 9th revision.  It’s so full of info, it even comes with a warning and disclaimer for people who are just starting out online.  But it’s not all about the person getting the freebie – the freebie helps me too (brilliant!) You see, by the time people are finished with the workbook, they’ve been educated by how the web works, and how I work – so when they’re ready to hire me, they’ve got a clue!  The workbook – works for ME!

8. Always respond to comments.

This gives your readers a reason to return to your site and make them feel like they are part of a community, which also encourages them to tell others.  I use Disqus Comments. Why? Because Disqus finds other social comments and mentions from places such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, and YouTube, then displays them with your comments.

9. Sharpen your saw.

Read other blogs via the RSS feed (like mine created from from that site.  Use Google reader, or to subscribe to feeds in your industry.

10. Create evangelists.

It’s hard as h3ll to do everything yourself – so turning your customers into evangelists to spread the good news is golden.  Lets think about Apple and my MacBook.  It’s simple, elegant and does what it’s supposed to.  I love it – and I tell everybody.  Even stuck the apple logo on my mini-van.

BONUS: Learn to sell.

You’ve heard the term “People don’t like to be sold, but love to buy.”  Here are a couple of books I recommend:

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