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I’ve reached “nerd-vanna!” Absolutely fascinating.  Take 5 minutes to watch this video.


My friend Mark Pierce asked,  “How would you answer the question, “So what does it all mean?”

I think the most exciting aspect for me are the opportunities… if you don’t shy away from progression.

On the flip side, we do need to be selective about all the info we take in. Filter out the junk, and focus on the important.

And, yet, another angle. What is your definition of success?

  • Having a high IQ? Then perhaps you should move to India and study with the geniuses.
  • Making a lot of money? then study entrepreneurship under the Forbes 100 richest people, and model them.
  • Having a technology degree? Better get some hands on experience in your chosen field – otherwise you might become obsolete.  Being self-taught is a good thing!

I guess it all means…

  • we must be flexible, and accept change.
  • we must be faithful, and trust God.
  • we must not be afraid, change and the unknown are certain.
  • we must reach out, and care for one another.
  • we must do what no machine can: encourage and coach one another.

These are just a few points… there are dozens, if not hundreds others!

I love dreaming of possibilities – I hope you enjoyed this video!

Be EMPOWERED and Share the love! dp

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