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Who In The World I am

‎”Who so ever asks me of my birth…
I will tell them I am born of Irish Princes who ruled in Donegal a thousand years ago; that I am descended from the High Kings of Ireland, and my name is from the Clann ÓDochartaigh!”

Variations of “DAUGHERTY” and my Daugherty Family Lineage back to 1587

  • Daugherty – went to North America before 1800
  • Dougherty -majority landed in the USA after 1800
  • Daugheetee – out of West Virginia mountains
  • Darity – into the southern seaboard, USA
  • Dority – same name further West, USA
  • Daughtry – used in deep South and West, USA
  • Daughtrey – derivation of the previous, especially popular in Texas
  • Doherty – modern Anglicization, popular since 1800, found in North-central USA [and the East & West coast of Canada]
  • Dogherty – found in Spain
  • Dorrity – found in Derry, Cork and a few areas of the USA

While  searching for the Daugherty family name I found information following the fathers of each generation.  This is just the direct line from my mother’s father Denis, but if you start with the link for rootsweb under Lazarus’ name, you’ll see this is a very large family.  Some men fathered as many as 17 children!

The first listing is for Sir  Cahir O’Dochartaigh along with a link to the wiki with a brief history about him.  Who knew we had a knight in the family? And, also accused of treason! 🙂

Sir Cahir O’DOCHARTAIGH 1587–1608

Owen O’DOHERTY b: in Donegal, Ireland




James DAUGHERTY b: 1760 in Donegal, Ireland

Daniel DAUGHERTY b: in Virginia

Hiram M DAUGHERTY b: 1804 in Wythe Co, Va

Francis Marion “Frank” DAUGHERTY b: Apr 1825 in Wythe Co, Va

Joseph DAUGHERTY b: 1851

Lazarus DAUGHERTY b: 03 OCT 1882 in Pike, KY  Death: 25 JUL 1931 in Williamson, Mingo, WV.  Burial: Jamboree, Pike, KY

Denis Daugherty b: Oct. 14, 1918 in Pike Co, KY,  Death: Nov 14 2000



Motto: Manu Forti (With a strong hand)Region: Highland District: Strathnaver Plant badge: Great Bulrush Pipe music: Mackay’s March Gaelic name: MacAoid

While researching on I discovered that we are direct descendants of the McCoy family, as in Hatfields & McCoys.

Randolph Randall Rand McCoy (1825 – 1914) is your 1st cousin 5x removed

Father of Randolph Randall Rand
Father of Daniel
Son of William
Daughter of Richard
Son of Elizabeth
Daughter of John J
Son of Elsa
Daughter of Denas
I am the daughter of Patricia Ann

You can listen online to the story of the Hatfield’s & McCoy’s (4-minutes)


Also, some not-so-good news. Von Hippel-Lindau disease is a dominate genetic disease passed down the McCoy family. Read more in the 2007 MSNBC article and the Wiki.


And, because I could, I found that the McCoy aka MacKay Clan were High Chieftans of the Scottish Highlands with roots in the old kingdom of Moray.

Angus Mackay (1330 – 1403) is my 19th great grandfather

Angus Dubh Mackay (1360 – 1433)
Son of Angus

Neil Vass Mackay (1390 – 1450)
Son of Angus Dubh

Angus Roy MacKay Strathnaver Clan (1414 – 1486)
Son of Neil Vass

Iye Roy Mackay of Strathnaver, 9th Chief Clan Mackay — (1435 – 1517)
Son of Angus Roy

Donald Mackay (1490 – 1550)
Son of Iye Roy

Iye DuMackay (1500 – 1572)
Son of Donald

Donald Balloch MACKAY (1550 – 1590)
Son of Iye

Donald Mackay (1560 – 1605)
Son of Donald Balloch

William MacKay (1620 – 1660)
Son of Donald

James Mackey McCoy (1640 – 1719)
Son of William

Alexander McCoy (1665 – 1740)
Son of James Mackey

John McCoy (1694 – 1762)
Son of Alexander

Archibald McCoy (1732 – 1810)
Son of John

William “Old William” McCoy (1751 – 1822)
Son of Archibald

Richard McCoy (1793 – 1865)
Son of William Old William

Elizabeth McCoy (1830 – 1880)
Daughter of Richard

John J Layne (1867 – 1952)
Son of Elizabeth

Elsa Layne (1889 – 1966)
Daughter of John J

Denas Daugherty (1918 – 2000)
Son of Elsa

Patricia Ann Daugherty (1945 – )
Daughter of Denas

Donna Dean
I am the daughter of Patricia Ann

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