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Tweet Birthdays:
Say happy b-day to your clients via twitter and encourage RT’ing. ie. @americancancer If you’ve ever had a birthday “online” you’ll understand the relevance of this simple tweet. For example, on Facebook I received over 300+ Birthday greetings last year from my online family. Birthdays and social networks are the BEST!

News, Goodwill & Advocacy:

Warn and interact with people about situations that may require their help. Wherever disaster strikes, @RedCross is there to lend a hand, and they’re Twittering about it to let you know what you can do as well. Advocate on behalf of your patients for families in need. Ie. “Grief stricken family in Anytown, USA needs our help – visit our website for list of needs”

Promote your employees outside-of-work stories. ( @TheHomeDepot does it well.)

Share Pictures: Use to share pearly whites!

Promos & Contests:

  • Trivia –
    • “What Dental School did Dr Rotem attend?”
    • “How many times a day should you brush?”
    • “What foods are bad for your teeth?”
    • “Blogpost: How to Care For Knocked-Out Teeth”
    • “CONTEST: time to replace your toothbrush! RT to win a SonicCare System
    • Using twitpic, tweet “whose smile is this? 1st correct answer wins “x””
    • Hot giveaway + Twitter + hashtag = trending topic. It’s almost a no-brainer.

BONUS! Answer Questions:

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