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Marketing your 7 tips articles gives you a great deal of reach and leverage on the internet. But two questions arise – how do you write enough and then what do you do with them?

Creating your 7 tips articles

There’s really just 3 simple steps involved.

1. Choose a specific topic in your niche – The more specific you can be with your topic, the more powerful your article will be.

2. Make a list of 7 tips or suggestions you would offer a prospect – List out 7 tips, suggestions, warning signs, things to avoid or things to do.

3. Add 2-3 lines of explanation for each tip – Add a few lines of explanation about how to use each tip. You want to keep it to just 2 or 3 lines to make it easy to read, consume and take action on.

What to do with your 7 tips articles

Marketing your articles – The first thing you want to do is get your articles up on the article directories like EzineArticles. Then you want to pay attention to which ones get the most views and click throughs. Take those popular articles and repurpose them into blog posts, video articles, and pages in Squidoo.

Turning your articles into products – The next action you want to take is to repurpose your 7 tips articles into information products. Now before your get scared about creating products and freeze up, I want you to get just how simple and fast this can be.

For example, expand each tip and create a 7 week paid ecourse. Or expand each tip into a chapter and create a seven chapter ebook.

Bonus Tip – Once you discover how simple and fast this can be, you can create a massive web presence and multiple information products. And now I would like to invite you to get started writing your 7 Tips Articles with my free 7 Tips Instant Article Template. You can get your instant free access by going to

From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy & the Great Article Marketing Network

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