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EDITORS NOTE: I’m not out to crucify anyone – I just want you, the marketer, to be aware and NOT make the same mistake.

Try scanning the QR code for yourself - maybe you'll have better luck!


May I have your attention! People. Please! I beg you.

Adobe flash on an iphone FAILTest your QR codes before applying them to your marketing materials. (Don’t be lazy, your customers will think you’re half-crocked, flaky or just clueless)

Why in the HAY-ELL would you send the user to a URL that requires Adobe Flash? (because you, or your agency, didn’t test it first to see the fatal error) 

This happened to me last evening. I got a coupon flyer in the snail mail and found one that had a QR code.  I excitedly scanned it to see where this surprise code was taking me on the web… it’s like opening a Christmas present!


Ok, fine… I’ll click and update.

“We’re sorry, this content requires Adobe Flash player, which is not supported by your device.”

WHAT? Are you serious? On an iPhone? #FAIL

Ok, so maybe Adobe has an issue with Apple and it won’t work.  I’ll try my daughters Droid.

No success.

Long story short: I texted the biz owner and he replied, “I could care less not in business anymore”

I guess that played out as I should have expected from the first flub-up.


  1. Please don’t be THAT BUSINESS, know what your advertising.
  2. Since this guy is out of business – why is the Minuteman Press sending out flyers with outdated info? Especially with a coupon expiring May 31st.  This is just BAD all over! (plus *24 emergency services – Ha! how would you like to get those phone calls!)
  3. Please don’t be THAT AGENCY who allows businesses to look foolish!
  4. **UPDATE** 5.11.2012 I wrote Minuteman Press via their web form the evening of this discovery and still have not heard back from them.  Maybe they’re going out of business too?

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