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BrainWhile listening to an interview of Tony Robbins, Frank Kearn and John Reece, I had a lightbulb moment.  Tony was talking about “Conditioning” (around the 31-minute mark) and I thought about my DAUGHTER Jenni.

You see, Jenni’s volleyball team is a fierce force on the court compared to all the other JV teams I’ve seen.  Why? Because the team began conditioning over 6 months ago.  Yes, while she was still in 8th grade, she was conditioning for JV volleyball because she wanted to make JV, NOT the freshmen team.

And still, they condition 3 hours a day, EVERY day.  They run until they puke, wipe their mouth on their sleeve and keep on going.  They run the bleachers, up an down every aise, then go run a mile and do it all over again.

Now it’s YOUR turn:

  • If my 15 y/o daughter can condition herself to be her very best – why can’t I? YOU?
  • What shifts in our perception need to happen?
  • What steps do we need to take?
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