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It’s 4:55am, and my mind is racing.

This week has been unusually interesting. Not, cool-inspiring-ah-ha-thats-the-greatest-breakthrough-ever, but a week of FEAR. Some people are are a tip-toe away from all out PANIC.

Fear of:

  • The economy
  • not making enough money
  • being a failure
  • having to get a JOB! (OMG!) Oh My Goodness!

We all have to feed our families. So, what are WE going to do?

Bellyache out loud or quietly die inside because our dreams are in jeopardy? Submitting to my fears would absolutely KILL me.

This is not an option. We must support each other. We MUST be in action, not fear… right?

Here’s MY action item: I’m going to do something that I’ve preached to never, ever, do in an effort to support you. I’m slashing the price of Get Clients NOW to a mere $50. Learn more about GCN here, but DON’T signup on the website – to get this offer, reply to this email.


For the Tuesday, Sept 23rd, 6-week class, I’m dropping the price for my subscribers BECAUSE I want YOU to be in action. This price so affordable, there’s no reason not to move forward.

ALSO, 2nd on the list of “economy survival” is your ezine. Now more than ever, you’ve got to be visible. Today, I’m waiving the eZine set up fee ($200) – this offer expires 9/30.

To sign up or chat about these offers simply reply to this message.

Make it a productive day! dp

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