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Blue Marble™ is a patent-pending marketing service offered by Phillips & Company


Somebody is really thinking GLOBAL!  I’m talking about enormous QR codes that are being placed on roof tops so that they show up on Google Earth.

It all begins with a “Space Accessible Profile”, which is how your location looks on surveillance equipment used by Google Earth, Bing, etc.  Anyone, anywhere, in the world can view your location anytime they feel like it.  Big brother style, but not as creepy.

Today’s roof tops are merely blank canvases, primed and ready to be decorated with QR codes.  With the exception of a few barns that still stand with the year of their raising on the century-old slate roof.

An $8,500 install fee may seem pretty steep, but when you consider traditional marketing and advertising, it’s cheaper!

The QR code will be made available on Google Maps for at least 12 months from image capture. While standard billboards can cost between $10,000 and $30,000 per month on average and are limited by geography, a space-accessible billboard is available at a cost 75 to 98 percent less and to everyone on the planet with Internet access.

And there you have it… now, it’s your turn!  What can you do in your marketing to “raise the roof” and add value to your customers experience?

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