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41ZmwA+eixL._SS500_Today I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Bob Burg’s blog thru a retweet on twitter.  (RT @BobBurg Bob Burg » Do Go-Givers Really Sell More?

His post today was about meeting two new friends at Dunkin’ Donuts who are in sales and met each other through their local BNI (Business Network International) organization.

Bob continues,

Both are obviously true Go-Givers and have built their businesses through a focus on providing value without concern for, or attachment to, reciprocity.”

In other words, they prefer to serve, rather than take credit.  You can read the entire post plus commentary from readers here (be prepared to be inspired! <grin>)

Meanwhile, I also checked out Bob’s book “The Go-Giver” – LOVE IT!

He takes a spin off from a “Go Getter,” the ambitious person trying to get ahead, and the “Giver”, a person who lives to serve others.

I highly suggest you take a peak at a free download from his site The Five Laws of Stratospheric  Success from The Go-Giver and tape, glue, staple or cement them somewhere near by!


Bob Burg is a highly sought-after speaker at corporate, financial services and direct sales conventions. Combining humor and entertainment with easily applied, proven systems for personal marketing, audiences come away ready to immediately profit from Bob’s instruction and coaching.  You can follow Bob on Twitter @BobBurg

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