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Hybrid Website Design

We specialize in Hybrid Website Technology

What exactly is a “Hybrid” website? We take the best features of a website, Blog and Social Media and combine them to make a hybrid website.   A lighter, less expensive, and easy to maintain website.

What do we use to create this Hybrid Website?

We use WordPress.  The coolest and most flexible Content Management System (CMS) around. Originally built just for blogging, WordPress can power just about any type of site, and it’s rich in Web 2.0 and multi-media capabilities.  WordPress is a free, state of the art, online platform that is supported by a huge community of developers and enthusiasts all over the world.  This means you have the best support by savvy users.

Here is a showcase of websites built on WordPress.

What comes with a Hybrid site?

  • easy to edit yourself
  • place your own copy/text
  • 5 stock images from
  • as many pages as you like
  • BLOG
  • Plug-ins for social media sharing

How much do you charge to create a Hybrid site?

It varies.  A minimum of $995 plus the cost of the template you choose (free – $125 average) your first year of web hosting is included.  Click here to book an appointment and learn more.  Select “15 Minute Chat”.  The initial call is Free.

Common Questions:  My answers in RED 

Q: What if I have a static website and want to upgrade?  My business is booming and I’m ready to grow – what do you suggest?  Do you have an Advanced option?

  1. A Hybrid webite, to start.  Integrated with Social Media elements to increase the flow of your Inbound Marketing – (getting found by people using Google, social media, and blogs) Why? Because shopping has changed.  Ten years ago, people used to SPAM you silly and it worked.  At least at first it did.  Direct mail, TV Advertising, Radio Ads, Trade Shows all worked too.  Until people got sick and tired of being interrupted with traditional outbound marketing messages and block us out!  NOW, people primarily shop and gather info from search engines – the Almighty Google, Blogs, and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Yelp, FourSquare, YouTube and others)
  2. Advancing to a HUB: Way back in the early days of the web it was built to be a collaboration tool. But marketers took over and use it to broadcast their sales messages with a megaphone.  Today, successful websites have built communities of living, breathing collaborators for your marketplace.  It’s not what YOU say, it’s what OTHERS say about you.  
  3. To learn more about Advanced Hybrid Hubs, book an appointment and select, “15 Minute Chat”.  The initial call is Free.

Q: If I buy the special and then realize I need more capabilities, what are the options for adding on?  and costs? That’s the beauty of wordpress – if you need to add on anything, there’s a really good chance and plug-in is available and all you’ll/we need to do is install it with a couple clicks.  Really, really easy.  My biz partner, Kym, does maintenance for my clients and charges a modest hourly rate or block of time. if you’d need her to produce your newsletter for you each month, or other adminstrative work. Most updates or changes that take less than 15 minutes we don’t charge for.  Many large websites like, news magazines, run on wordpress so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever grow out of it.

Q: Does the wordpress site give you both a Web and a Blog? Yes.

Q: Which of your sites are in the WordPress? THIS website is built on wordpress too.  Here is a showcase from wordpress of different sites (all types)

Q: Since this is wordpress would I actually own the design on my website or would someone else??? You would own the design and the copyright to the material contained within it.   Wordpress itself is an “open source” application and free to everyone.

And does this matter? It does matter, in the sense that we don’t want someone else to outright COPY your material, but with most anything else in business, someone will always want to model what you’re doing.

Q: How long is initial Strategy Development/consult?  1-4 hours is usually what it takes in the beginning, but our conversation is on-going… We may chat several times a week, daily, or only once a week.  I try to work by your schedule.

Q: Website design – the design is not a “custom” design where a graphic artist will create the entire design from scratch per your specifications.  We will find a “theme” closest to what you like and tweak it if necessary.

Q: Blog integration included in the cost.

Q: Training on site administration/edit capabilities I will work with you over the phone and provide “job aides” (if necessary) AND, if you live nearby, I can visit you if you like.

Q: How do you handle any questions once the site is up/ re: updates  Just call me or send a note.I have a client area I use for project management and that is my preferred method of communicating during the site development… Once you see it, you’ll understand why! All communication is logged, files are organized and everything in its place!

Q: How do you handle evolution of the site – 6 mos. down the road WordPress was built for growth.  My job is to be looking ahead for you, so when the time is right, you are ready.

Q: Contact Mgmt. system we need to talk about this, I recommend 3 different ones – we need to figure out which is best for you.

Q: Shopping Cart integration/pay pal integration this goes along with the contact mgmt system above – we need to talk about it.  Yes, I will put paypal “buy now” buttons in your site for you, but there are other details too.

Q: # pgs. As many as you like

Q: # tabs As many as you like without looking tacky! LOL!

Q: # e-mail accounts – unlimited + webmail

Q: ability to forward addresses – yes

Q: ability to add a video/audio message if desired initially or in future – absolutely, I highly recommend – video is best.

Q: Any sort of Lead-capturing/ e-zine or auto-responder integration – Yes, installation is included – but we need to talk about which 3rd party provider you wish to use.

Q: Social Media integration – Yes, I set up your blog to send notice to Facebook of a new post, and twitter tweets to show up on your Facebook, linked in, and any other social home you might have.

Q: What does the Web Hosting Include – 1 year of hosting is included.  Next year, your hosting renewal will be $35 and your domain, $9.

Q: I liked a number of the sites you had done for coaches, but understand that these sites were built on a different technology….Yes, you’re right, they were built with photoshop, dreamweaver, and good ‘ole HTML.  I have an idea of what design/layout type you’re thinking of… We can chat about it.  Here’s a link to my old site that still has some examples up.

I offer online scheduling using BookFreshThe initial call is Free.

Take a peek at some of our favorite wordpress theme providers:

“Thesis” is a theme from, it’s a “shell” of sort where you can customize to your liking: here is their showcase of how people have customized Thesis This site runs on Thesis.

ps. Here’s some work done years ago – but these sites are NOT built on WordPress


WooThemes - WordPress themes for everyoneGenesis Framework for WordPress

WordPress Themes



Tools I Recommend

Basecamp project management and


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