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Business Marketing must stay a step ahead of the current trends in order to serve customers.  Online Marketing is just as trendy, and one trend that’s here to stay is mobile smart phones.

As of December 2010, nearly ONE THIRD of all US mobile phones are SMART PHONES.

But get this – the numbers are much higher in ethic groups!  Namely Asian/Pacific Islanders (45%), Hispanics (45%) and African-Americans (33%).  (Source: The Nielsen Company.  Smartphone Penetration, Base: % of population, 2009-2010 demographic trend)

What does this mean to you?

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  1. EMAIL is what users are DOING on their Smart Phones. The study finds email represents a leading 38.5% of time spent. No other activity comes close, with social networking coming in a distant second (10.7%). (This data comes from The Nielsen Company’s “State of the Media 2010.″)
  2. Continue email marketing to your list.  Since the storm of social media has turned into an F5 tornado, many folks have allowed the frequency of their ezines, newsletters and other email dwindle down to nothing.  (Myself included!)
  3. Give subscribers a “mobile version” of your message. I always read email while waiting to pick up my kids.  One of my fav retailers, American Eagle Outfitters has a “View Mobile Friendly” that opens in a browser.

The numbers don’t lie.  In fact, this is proof positive that we need to be catering to the mobile market… Or, be left behind like the corded, rotary-dial phone, the 14k modem, and that enormous 586k hard drive circa 1994!  LOL!

**UPDATE** May 21, 2011

@Mashable writes about how many of us rev up our phones before getting out of bed – I’m guilty! I read email to see if anything critical happened over night.  Read more @Mashable

Now It’s YOUR Turn! What are your thoughts? Post below, I’d love to know what you think!

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