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Donna’s Note: Ben Cummings @bencummings has written an article with a really easy tactic to implement into your every day groove – especially if you have a camera on your mobile phone or at your workplace.

Twitter and Facebook is an excellent way to find new patients and market your practice, yet few understand the most effective way to get people to read your messages. I will explain how to implement one of my favorite little tricks.

How would you like to increase the number of people reading your Twitter and Facebook messages by 400%?

The secret is using photos! Mentioning you have a new photo for someone to see and generating curiosity behind it, can cause your click through rate to increase dramatically.

People are looking to be entertained.

The entertainment value of photos has been shown to be very effective in getting our patients to open our Twitter and Facebook messages. Hey, if they are not opening and reading your messages, then what’s the point?

How Effective Are Photos?

We have seen a four times increase in the number of people viewing our posts whenever we include images. I have seen a similar result when photos are used by our chiropractic clients. They are getting big results when they tie in an image with a brief promotional message.

How popular are images on Facebook?

To give you an idea, there are approximately 850 million photos uploaded to Facebook every month. Wow, that is a lot and should indicate how popular they are. When your images are uploaded to Facebook they are guaranteed to get good exposure.

You can tag people in photos and it will notify them which will dramatically increases the relevancy of this message to the patient. Facebook has also made this very easy to do.

And, pictures are fun! It allows patients to see you as a real person beyond the lab coat. Pictures are a great way to cement the bond between doctor and patient.

How Can I Start Using Photos?

It’s easy. Get a Flickr account at Flickr lets you upload pictures for free. It is then a one-click process to show a photo in your twitter or Facebook stream. You can automate this process in about 5 minutes and then you never have to worry about it again.

The idea here is to increase the frequency of your use of photos and tie them in with a short promotional message to drive the patients into the practice. We have seen the use of images increase readership by four times. Give this method a try. It really works.

This article merely scratches the surface of marketing with Twitter and Facebook. It is an enormous opportunity to grow your practice.

— > Read The 1.3 Million Dollar Chiropractic Marketing Case Study. Further, make sure you watch free chiropractic marketing video trainings that provide visual walk-throughs of the very best methods for getting patients.

Good luck in your chiropractic marketing endeavors.

— Ben Cummings @bencummings

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