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“Intro to Social Media Marketing”

3 Steps to Smart Social Marketing

You will learn:

  • how to find the RIGHT people to follow for business success that interest you.
  • how to use the right tools to organize and track them with ease.
  • critical tips for your privacy and protection.
  • 9 Social media tips for success.
  • popular and preferred tools to use.
  • a list of 63 popular social networks.
  • Listen in on Open Q&A for using social media for your business.

NOW $20, will be $47 after midnight 6/6/09

What participants are saying…
“This information is great. It is information that I didn’t get anywhere else. I liked the nuts and bolts aspect with the reasons why explained as well.”


I enjoyed the class very much! You had great information you provided and it really gave me some insights that i did not have before!

— H.R.

“Donna knows her stuff and knows how to present it!”


Thank you so much for doing this teleconference! As a newbie to social media, I really learned a lot — and just may overcome my resistance to getting involved in that world! I apreciate your generosity & experience too

— B.H.

“Donna illustrates her authenticity while being very professional. It’s no wonder she has a huge following and you can too. I’ve learned a lot in a very short time. Thank you Donna for sharing your expertise.”

— J.Q.

“You provided the tools and action steps I need to become successful in social marketing – thank you!”

— K.Z.

“Donna you rock. Thanks so much for all the effort you put out to help me with my business”

— C.C.

“WOW. I never even considered “HOW” I should be following or friending. You clearly spell it out for me. None of the guru’s even mention this in their 2-3 hundred dollar seminars. I really love that your calls are SO AFFORDABLE and MEATY!

— M.C.

…you were very generous with time and information, that you had a warm way about you and clearly know your stuff. I would also warn them that some information may be over their head, and to just relax and know they can refer back to the reference material. I also get the impression that you are truly coming from a service attitude and would likely answer questions offline if someone was lost” . (Yes, I will answer questions offline, dp)

— S.L.

NOW $20, will be $47 after midnight 6/6/09

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