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Over the past few months I’ve made several recommendations to clients to read the book “POP! How to Stand Out In Any Crowd” by Sam Horn. Let me share an extraordinary break through a subscriber had the other day.

Mary Q. Contrary said:

I got a copy of POP! (thank you for that recommendation – I’d not heard of Sam Horn) as I’m struggling with the name of my business – really with branding my business. Right now, “Group Performance” is either a brilliant name or a meaningless one – hard for me to say!”

Mary continued…

” I do much more than take my corporate client’s meetings from coma-inducing snore-fests to energized action-producing events – I teach them and their groups how to stay in the high-performance groove.”

Mary is such a fun loving kinda gal.

I picked up on the last three words “high performance groove” and checked for domain availability. is available. So is (I already secured them in case Mary chooses to be groovy)

Why did I check these? B-e-e-e-e-cause … Group Performance is boring. Sounds like you’re sitting in an office building at the mercy of a bunch of stuffy HR folks with blue hair, suit and panty-hose, over analyzing performance evaluations for some jacked-up corporation. Ick! yeck! Phlewy! Sorry if that sounds offensive – but that’s just my FIRST impression. Of which, counts for a lot. (first impressions, that is)


High Performance Groove or Peak Performance Groove sounds way more intriguing, PLUS you can do a heck’uva lot more in your branding arsenal with the word “groove.”

  • How We Groove
  • Who We Groove With
  • Why Your Employees Should Groove
  • Groovy events, services, coaching programs
  • Become a Certifed Groove Leader
  • Movin’ & Groovin Newsletter
  • Get Groovin, and Stop Shmoozin’
  • The Groove Philosophy
  • 7 Habits of Really Groovy Leaders
  • Why Great Leaders Groove
  • Get it, Got it, Groove!

Participants would also be more interested in working with an individual from “that groovy company”… and just think of the office toys you could brand groovy as give aways. Shucks, you could even wear a tie-die suit if ya wanted to! Tres’ Groo-vay!

Just a few more thoughts… Microsoft has a new office product for 2007 called Groove for collaborating work groups, hmm …

Plus what do you think of when somebody even says the word groove? I instantly want to chair dance. Grooving is good… people like it, it makes them FEEL good. Wasn’t there a movie titled, “How Stella Got Her Groove?”

Anyway… Mary liked the direction this was taking, although somehow combining the words groove and performance made her think of a personal lubricant. (That never even crossed my mind, but as they say… sox sells!)

So, consider this while I dance and get groovy around my office… (my web cam is turned OFF! ha!)

“Are you one-of-a-kind, or one-of-many?
When you’re one of a kind, there is no competition.”

– Sam Horn, POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd

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