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Mobile Websites – Reach Your Audience on Any Mobile Device

Regular Website

Mobile website that is much easier to read with Click-to-call and vital information for those using their mobile phone. Mobile Website

People are brutally honest about what they hate and love.  And, yes, they are talking about YOUR BUSINESS and how bad your website may look in their mobile browser.

From a consumer standpoint, I myself, get frustrated trying to find information and I all I get on my mobile is an unfriendly standard website.  Boo-hiss!

Why, just the other day I searched “business coach” while waiting to pick up my daughter and found that EVERY WEBSITE on the FIRST PAGE of Google DID NOT have a mobile ready site.

Talk about leaving money on the table!

Did you know that websites with mobile access rank higher in mobile browsers?  Uh huh.  They sure do.

But lets just keep that between you and me, ok?

If you are a technophobe or a Luddite, relax! There are ways of going mobile that don’t involve becoming a rocket scientist.

The example above is Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara’s mobile website, and his standard website.  You can see how Carlos gives just the necessary information people need while they’re out and about.

  • His Click-to-Call phone number
  • Office locations & Google maps
  • What services he offers
  • Videos
  • Make payments

So you’ve already done the hard work by creating your primary website… now all you need is to lighten the load and go mobile!  (And, if you don’t yet have a website – no sweat! This will be a lot less painful!)


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