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If you tried to log on to last week’s webinar, you know we had some major trouble.  There was so much excitement around this topic that we maxed out GoToWebinar.  Many of you were not able to attend and there were complications during the webinar that prevented everyone from seeing the slides correctly.Tyler Garns, Director of Marketing at Infusionsoft, has re-recorded the webinar and it is now available for you to watch. No doubt, social media is a hot topic.  And, the truth is, you just might be wasting your time.  Small businesses often sign up for social media services and don’t see any tangible results from their efforts.

The key to using social media successfully is making it a part of your overall marketing strategy and goals.

Watch the webinar today “Social Success: Turning Social Media into Measurable Revenue” and you’ll learn:

  • Why social media tool & tactics are NOT where you should focus
  • The key to developing the RIGHT strategy to improve the ROI from your social media tools
  • A repeatable formula for turning your social strategy into revenue
  • How to better evaluate what’s working and what’s not

With a strong tie between your social media efforts and your business goals, you’ll soon see how social media can empower your marketing and grow your company.

Watch the webinar recording!

FYI – you can download the slides as well.  The link is given at the end of the webinar.

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