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Let me explain.

Years ago, when I worked at Sprint and co-worker became annoyed with my “sunny” attitude.  I explained to her that my positive attitude was my way of dealing with negative corporate politics. She said I should stop wearing rose-colored glasses and not be so naive.  (I’m still amazed by people who wallow in drama and negativity)

At that time, January 2000, my father had passed away at 53 and I began to question everything about life and the universe as we know it.  On mothers day, I attended Crossroads Community Church for the first time and was immediately inspired.  My sunny outlook became my intention from then on.

And so, my “Rose-colored God Glasses” became my daily armor against the nasty’s of the world.  QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your God-given intention?

Please excuse me while I clean my glasses… 🙂

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