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Dear Donna,

biglogo_facebookQ: I saw your post about the Mary Kay lady bringing you some goodies. Do you think there is any way I can convince my wife, who is a Mary Kay Senior Sales Director, that she could expand her business using Facebook?

A: Tell her that not many “home party” ladies are socially savvy… and she should get her hiney on now!

Social media can help her gain exposure and lead her “herd”. She’s obviously a great leader and needs to lead her herd of consultants into 2009!

Since she’s a senior director – I would suggest she use FB and twitter for:

  1. staying in regular contact with her consultants. Write on their wall, upload pics, share info and connect on a deeper level.
  2. staying connected to her customers and gaining exposure to THEIR network of friends. <–very important! HUGE opportunities: a wedding post, prom posts, other special events that would allow her to step up and offer her services.  Posting events, sharing resources, recruiting new consultants… I could go on!

She could easily tweet about specials (and post to FB). Move discontinued inventory, new product launches, etc.

Customers will NOT fall out of the sky for her, but she will definitely be right smack in front of them.

On a personal note, I created a social network for my neighborhood on, and that’s how I MET my Mary Kay lady.  Our neighborhood has over 90 homes and she is the”default” MK gal.  Exposure doesn’t get much easier or cost effective than that!

If you know someone in the direct selling business, be EMPOWERED, and share this post with them!  dp

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