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CVS’s superior follow-up with text marketing

My pharmacy gets me.  They understand I’m busy, and that I need a reminder sometimes.  You could say, I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with CVS.

Not just because the folks there are top-notch, but because CVS has recently enabled “Text Alert Notification” to let you know when your prescriptions are ready.

No longer do you need to wait around, or call to see if your meds are ready.

Matter of fact, my family is on “auto-fill” so our prescriptions are ready without us even having to call in.  Absolutely Brilliant.

I get so excited when I see businesses embrace technology and do it well.

Now it’s your turn:

How can you use mobile technology so your customers fall in love with you? Need help with this? Call me, Donna Payne 419 961-1008 or Schedule an appointment.

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