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Here’s the single most important part of your website: YOUR WEB COPY!

And remember: Your website isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM

Note: May I add, this is an area where most of my clients get stuck…If you find yourself at a total loss when it comes to writing, please let me know

Write/gather/compile: prepare copy for your main pages:

Answer questions.  Frequently asked questions woven into your copy will give your visitor confidence in you because you answered their concerns right away.  Think of questions you’ve been asked and document them providing the most detailed and complete answer you can.  This will save you lots of time in the future.

Focus on the pain your prospect is experiencing.  Your client is looking for someone to take away their pain or help solve their problem.  What’s bugging them? What keeps them up at night?  Why are they looking for you? If you don’t get in touch with your prospect’s emotions they are not going to connect with you, or hire you.  Give a positive outcome for each pain they have.

Your copy needs to be as specific and clear as possible to the kind of client you want to attract. Why? To weed out the wrong kind of clients, that’s why!  Why waste your valuable time on a comp session with someone who wants a life coach and you only coach corporate executives in career transition?  If your home page message is crystal clear, prospects can determine right away if you are right for them before they contact you.

Remember to be personable and approachable.  Even go as far as to write down 10 characteristics of your perfect client and make up a fictitious individual who has all these characteristics and write your copy “to” that person.

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Your prospects want to learn more and be closer to you.  They will love reading about your human side.  People do business with folks they like.  Remember, your business is built on relationships!

Hint: Most everything I write goes to my senior editor first—my 15 year old daughter! If she can’t understand the basic concept of what she’s reading, I need to start over.

In other words: write in simplest terms. Keep your sentences around 10 words or less.  (a client once had a sentence that had 39 words! Needless to say I was cross-eyed just trying to figure out the point of the whole sentence!) Break your writing into readable “chunks” easy to understand.  Big words don’t impress and make some folks feel like you’re talking “above” them.

Write so that your information is “scan-able.” People rarely read word-for-word.  Their eyes scan down the page when reading a sales letter or ad copy.  Bolding key phrases in your copy, makes your information scan-able and lets this person know immediately if they want to read further or bail from your site.

You MUST have a killer opening line.  Something to snag your prospects attention right now!  Start paying attention to articles and ads in your local paper…or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a gander at the tabloids in the grocery checkout.  You’ll see some pretty interesting headlines AND as corny as they sound, they SELL like crazy!

Here are few real-life examples:

  • “Copywriting: The Secret Weapon Your Competitors Hope You Never Figure Out How to Use!” (Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s
  • “Get Clients with the Proven Book Yourself Solid Lead Generation and Small Business Marketing System” (Michael Port’s
  • “Publish Your Own Ezine for More Clients and More Sales!” (Alexandria Brown’s

How to “How to lose 15 pounds in 15 days”, “How to meet the love of your life!”

7 secrets…  “7 secrets to attracting better clients”, “21 secrets of master coaches.”

If and Then… “If you have an itchy scalp, then get Head & Shoulders.”

Make sure your copy is BENEFIT RICH.  List all the benefits of doing business with you and OVERCOME OBJECTIONS.  When you’re finished with your spiel, give a clear and concise CALL TO ACTION.

For example:

“Subscribe now and receive a free doo-dah”, “Click here to buy now”.

Tell them exactly what to do.

  • “Click here to schedule a complimentary coaching session”
  • “Click here to get our free e-book chock full of powerful interviewing tips”
  • “Take out your credit card and purchase now using our secure server”

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