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Lately, I’ve had many conversations about SEO n’such with people who are looking for the quick fix to get high Google rankings.  These kinds of people HIGHLY annoy me, because I have always preached content and article writing is really the only organic way.

So as I preach from my SEO pulpit, I know now that FriendFeed and twitter are both darlings of Google.  So get out there are start sharing what’s in your noggin people!

Go forth… Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed!  🙂

And, now Hutch’s post =======================

Three Reasons You Need to Be on FriendFeed *Now*

by Hutch Carpenter

FriendFeed has got to be one of the most innovative companies around these days. It seems every week, it’s hatched something new with its service. That alone makes it worth being there.

Then there’s the interactions. When those are rocking and rolling, it’s a lot of fun. Even a few Likes and comments are worth the experience. Of course, not everyone is engaged enough on the service to fully benefit from that. Which is something I completely understand, by the way.

I’ve got three reasons you should be on FriendFeed now. Not for the conversations. Not for the real-time experience. But three reasons that will be valuable to you personally.

The FriendFeed triple play.

#1: Google Juice

You likely know the background of much of the FriendFeed team – Google. Yeah, these guys know search. Even more importantly, they know something about how Google manages search.

So it comes as no surprise that FriendFeed can rank pretty highly in Google search results. Here’s a favorite example of mine.

Alex Scoble (yes, Robert’s brother) is planning his wedding reception. One candidate location for the reception was the Hillsboro Cultural Arts Center. But the managers of that location were not very flexible in working Alex and his fiance. On FriendFeed, Alex posted about the Hillsboro Cultural Arts Center, with some comments explaining why he was not going to use them. It’s not a flattering portrayal of the Center.

handwriting-leftarrowWell, check out what a search on the Center’s name returns: Alex’s FriendFeed entry is the #6 result.

Not something that Center wants in their search results, but a great way for Alex to let others know about his experience with the Center.

Read the rest of Hutch’s post here

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