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If you have…

  1. Scrolling, blinking text, butterflies and other animated images whirling around your homepage. Including falling snow, stars, puppies, or kittens…
  2. An outdated copyright in the footer that says 2008 and you haven’t changed a single thing since…
  3. Still have Flash on your website… or even worse, a Flash entry page…
  4. Half a dozen different sizes and colors of text in the body of your website… and CLIPART!
  5. MUSIC.  For the love of God – stop the highly annoying classical music that plays on your homepage. (Kill me now)
  6. Outdated pics.  Your professional pics are >10 years old.
  7. “FREE REPORT” – this term is so outdated and ignored by everyone.  Free report feels like useless information you got from someone else that you’re regurgitating and trying to dump on me.  No Thank you.
  8. You don’t provide some of the services you have listed.  “Sorry, I don’t do that anymore”
  9. No interactivity or opportunity to engage. No blog, RSS feed, newsletter, social media.
  10. You don’t even mention you HAVE a website because you’re too embarrassed for anyone to see it.
  11. Bonus: Your site is all about you – WRONG.  “I am looking for information, and I want it fast.  I do NOT care about you.  All I want to know is – What you can do for ME!”

If this is you, there is no need to be ashamed.  Put away your MembersOnly jacket, or for the ladies, your Reebok Pumps and Leg Warmers. I can get you updated very quietly and discreetly.  Click here to schedule an appointment.  No one will ever know!

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