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Ok, so you’re a service type professional. You’re always thinking about how to fill your pipeline. My pipeline has traditionally been filled by online marketing, but now I want to reach out to my local community.Yesterday I was reading the Sunday paper enjoying my coffee and experienced the “marketing BIG DUH moment.” Now that I think about it, I’m really quite ashamed for not seeing this opportunity staring me in the face.

For DECADES I’ve enjoyed reading about local news, weddings, business events, property transfers and the vendors Licenses to see who is moving and shaking in my community.

Whoa! Back-up… did I just say VENDORS licenses? Complete with the owner’s name and business address… as in people who are just starting a business and will likely need MY services? DUH! How blind could I have been all these years? D,D,D,DUH! 🙂

Now the big question: How do I use this information?

First, I’m going to plan a “dripping” direct mail (postcard) campaign. Dripping meaning that I’ll prepare 12 direct mail pieces in advance that will automatically be sent to the prospect one by one each month for a year.

Why so many, you ask?

One reason is because I was on my mentor’s mailing list for two years before I contacted him, so in my opinion, 12 months is nothing.

Another reason, is that you need to stick in their memory that you’re “the person” to call and you have demonstrated a history of success. In other words, shamelessly brag with testimonials and case studies with specific results. Results speak louder than words.

Now it’s your turn: what opportunities are staring you in the face?

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