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zeempEarlier today a gentleman asked me:

Hi Donna, I have just launched my website. Would you please take a look to share with me your opinions and sugestions.

I felt it very valuable to the internet community to share my findings so YOU don’t make the same mistakes.

Below is my response:


I’ve taken a moment to peek at your site…

First, you should know I’m brutally honest.
Please do not be personally offended.  My comments are not directed AT you,

1.  I have no idea what this site is about?
That is bad.  There’s no sales copy or direction…  NEVER, EVER let your guest have to guess what to do.  Don’t make me think.  (ps. Don’t make me think” is a really good book you can find on amazon – read it!)

2. What’s in it for me?  (the visitor)
I clicked on HOW TO JOIN US: and got this blurb,
“Effortless steps are required to start your Zeemp Marketing Campaign”, WHY would I ever want to trust your company with my marketing campaigns?  Where are the testimonials, results, facts? Just from this first 20 second impression – I’m clicking away.  And never looking back at your site again.

3. You have “MYSTERY MEAT” navigation.
That means I have to hover over stuff to find things.  That’s WORSE than bad! And a very stupid move on the designers part.

I’ve just addressed the top 3 reasons why this site will fail. Did anyone consult with a focus or test group of users?  Or did a bunch of techno geeks get together and spend hundreds of hours working on a project THEY thought was useful for their market?

Back to the drawing board my friend.

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