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  1. istock_000007634606xsmallA SIMPLE domain name – I can’t tell you how many times people have spent weeks trying to determine just the right domain name, only to come up with something that has no keywords or is a tongue-twister.  Keep is simple folks.  If your brilliant domain name is taken, go back to the white board – add a simple word like “The” (thewebcoach) or “Your”, (yourwebcoach) “e” (ewebcoach)… get it?  Go through the alphabet if you have to.
  2. Branding – today you can easily get a custom logo and/or brand identity with “contest” services like 99 Designs. Simply post what your desires are, and several graphic designers will post their concepts.  You give feedback, pick, choose and eliminate the unfavorable ones and are left with a design.  It’s very important to have a unified brand across all of your media outlets.
  3. Copy – I can’t stress this enough.  Seriously, folks. 9 times out of 10 your website is to be written to woo your VISITOR to take action and contact you or purchase something.  If you can’t write compelling sales copy – you’d better hire someone.  This is money well spent.
  4. Articles – the simplest way you demonstrate your expertise.  Articles are the introductory conversation you’ll have with your visitor at their convenience.  They will learn how you will solve their problem, get a feel for you, and determine if you’re likeable enough to do business with.
  5. Social media – Welcome to the relationship marketing age!  At the very least, you MUST be on Facebook and Twitter.  A website simply isn’t enough anymore.  Personal connections are vital to survive in our economy, so get plugged in!
  6. Follow up strategy – Autoresponders are the best for follow-up.  Autoresponders are an automated series of emails sent on your behalf to keep in touch with your prospects.
  7. FREEBIE! or as I say “your single point of entry” into your business.  Everyone should give away a bit of valuable information to their prospect whether it’s from your website or brick n’mortar store.  This give-away does come at a price to the prospect, but it’s not money,  it’s their name and address (or email).  This is the holy grail of all marketing because once you have this information, you can continue to market to that prospect forever.

Now it’s YOUR turn:

  • What steps do you need to take to implement the above strategies?
  • What support will you need? Do it yourself? Hire an expert?
  • When are you gonna do it? TODAY!

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