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Last Sunday at church a prominent building contractor approached me and asked quite innocently, “What do you charge to build a web site?”I cocked my left eyebrow, looked him square in the eye and asked, “what would you charge to build a house?” He half-heartedly laughed and said, “Well my dear, that depends on what type of house you want!” My point EXACTLY!

He paused for just a second… (do you see the “ah-ha!” light bulb appearing?) It was at that moment he realized that there is a lot more to creating a website than one might assume.

I went on to explain that just like building a new home, to build a website you need:

  • – a well thought out blueprint
  • – appropriate codes and permits
  • equipment and materials
  • – an experienced labor force
  • – and a solid footer and foundation to build the home on

Then you can begin:

  • framing in the house
  • – installing electrical and plumbing lines
  • – hanging drywall
  • – installing windows, staining trim, installing cabinets, cupboards, bathroom fixtures
  • – painting, plastering, carpeting and a bunch of other “-ings” plus millions of other annoying little details

So what does building a house have to do with a website? EVERYTHING!

Let me break down your home, and your homepage.

  • Blueprint = Web site map, big dreams, and a copy of “The Secret” DVD
  • Codes & Permits = domain, hosting, and a blessing from the all mighty FTC & WWW police.
  • Equipment & materials = software, hardware, project collaboration tools, a large bottle of Tylenol, and a hard-working industrial coffee maker!
  • Experienced labor force = seasoned project managers, staff developers, programmers, and the patience, wisdom and vision of Mother Theresa!
  • Footer & foundation = Site architecture, database development, and lots of perks (beer & pizza) to keep your programmers happy
  • Framing = back-end programming, directories, assets, and whatcha’majiggers
  • Utilities = highly technical thingies that make the website more enjoyable
  • Drywall = individual web pages with groovy gizmos
  • Cabinets, cupboards & toilets = shopping carts, copywriting, and a common user interface
  • Painting, plastering, and those other “-ing’s” = Graphic and/or flash development & design – cosmetic surgery for websites!

And of course, those million other annoying little details don’t go away either!But seriously…

Building a house, a car, a rocket, or a website takes proper planning.

Nail down your plans, or else you may end up with a motor home that goes 300mph instead of a 3 bedroom condo! That’s a visual!

Donna Payne is the Chief Web Goddess of The Web a web development, coaching and marketing firm, and is known as the gal to call when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Learn Money & Time Saving Techniques that everyone should know when working with a web designer or building a website yourself. Download your FREE “Quick-Start Web workbook” and accompanying MP3 at “Know PAYNE – Know GAIN!”

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