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WARNING: the following information may increase the risk of getting customers without having to sell them.

What is SoLoMo Marketing? Why do I need it?  And, how does it work for my business?

In a nutshell:

It’s helping local businesses increase current customer value, AND get new customers by putting their compelling messages where consumers are looking most… their mobile phones!

Why your business needs it.

Mobile devices are the first thing people look at when they wake up, and the last thing they see before going to bed.  Using SoLoMo allows business owners to be within 3 feet of their consumers, 24 hours a day.  It’s been said that mobile phones are even more addictive than crack, and people risk their lives every day to look at them.

We are all mobile consumers, right? When we search our devices, we are most often ready to buy right now.  Those “ready to buy” purchase driven consumers are who #SoLoMo is geared for.

These consumers are looking for:

  • phone numbers
  • addresses/maps
  • hours
  • special offers/coupons

Keep in mind though – first and formost, #SoLoMo is just marketing.  Plain and simple.  Social and mobile are the medium being used to convey your message to GET MORE CUSTOMERS!

What is Social Media?

Web based media and mobile phone apps that allow users to communicate with one another.  Businesses, brands, groups, and individuals can share information freely with their followers using the internet with their mobile phone. ie. Facebook, Twitter.

How is it Local?

Popular GPS based social media platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and FourSquare enable people to find businesses using their mobile phone.

  • I’m in Cleveland, where’s the nearest auto air conditioning recharger with a good reputation?”
  • “I’m hungry, what decent restaurants are nearby?”
  • “Just cracked a tooth! Where is the nearest dentist?” 

Why Mobile?

Mobile allows you to take your social media “on the road” as you travel, interact and check in with others.  You can check out reviews, get coupons, find specials, become “mayor” and anything else you can imagine 🙂

  • “I see Joe Mechanic is close by, with raving reviews and a special on rebooting A/C – I’m going to click to call now”
  • “I just had the BEST Reuben sandwich EVER! @Derrenbergers” 
  • “Shout out to Dr Seuss for repairing my broken tooth so quickly!”

Smart Mobile Technologies That Make Business Easier.

QR codes are scanned with a QR reader on your mobile phone. Here are examples:

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Car salesmen can place QR codes in the window of a car with their contact and car info for after hours.
  • Realtors can link to virtual tours
  • Mobile coupons have a 10 to 20% higher redemption rate, AND can be shared with friends.  Customers spend more moo-lah.

Loyalty programs via text messaging

Send text reminders to customers that it’s time to come in for service. Offer 10% off if they schedule within 10 days.

Appointment Reminder/Recovery

Medical offices, salons, and many other businesses can benefit greatly by sending text appointment reminders.  Customers can reply to confirm or call to reschedule.

Have a cancelled appointment at 1pm this afternoon? Send out a broadcast text “Appointment opening – today at 1pm, first to confirm gets 10% off”

These are just some of the ways mobile marketing is being used.  Don’t put off expanding your marketing to mobile because you fear it’s too “Technical” – I’ve got your back! Schedule an appointment or call today, 419 961-1008


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